31 Mar


Its alwasy a beautiful day here PRC! We want to thank Gospel Alliance for teaming with PRC on their roofing project! We removed 2 layers of roofing on one side of the building and did a full repair on the other half! We installed our Owens Corning oakridge 30 yr roof system featuring the color Estate Gray!

17 Mar


The sky is the limit, if you have a roof over your head! With this home, we tore off two layers of old roofing, replaced 19 pieces of 1/2″ CDX PLYWOOD, installed new sun tunnels, and then installed a brand new Owens Corning 30-year Oakridge Roof System featuring the color Estate Gray. After installation of the shingles, we then installed metal valleys through to allow water to smoothly run off of the roof without any puddling!

03 Mar


YOUR ROOF LOOKS AFTER YOU, SO LOOK AFTER IT TOO! With this home we removed the old shingles and quickly were able to determine that there needed to be new plywood! After laying down new plywood, we were able to install the underlayment and a brand New Owens Corning 30 year Oakridge Roof System featuring in the Color “DRIFTWOOD” !

17 Feb


Bad wood not a problem! Here at Portland Roofing Company, LLC We’ve got you covered! This home received a brand new 50 year Owens Corning Tru- Def Duration roof system in the color Estate Gray!

10 Feb

Timothy Larson

This beautiful Southwest Portland home, received a new make over!

We installed all new 1/2″ CDX Plywood, to insure safe and secure decking. We were then able to install a brand new Owens Corning 50 year Tru – Def Duration Roof System on this home, featuring the color Sierra Gray.

03 Feb


Sometimes, whats on the outside does count! Here at Portland Roofing Company We enjoy making rainy days sunny! Especially here in the PNW. This home has a new Owens Corning 50 yr. Roof System Featuring in the color Harbor Blue.

27 Jan


This home received a new Owens Corning Oakridge 30 year roof system featuring the color Flagstaff. Roofing isn’t just a job or a career choice, roofing is a work of art! Here at Portland Roofing Company, we take pride in the beauty of our work! Call today or book online and Schedule your free estimate today!
We look forward to hearing from you!

13 Jan


This Northeast Portland Home, got a fabulous roof make over! We tore off 1 layer of roofing on the front of this home and 2 layers on the back. Upon tear off we noticed the shiplap in areas were bad and replaced with new plywood! We installed Owens Corning Oakridge shingles featuring the color Estate Gray. And installed granulated Colonial Gray Torchdown near the front porch in the lower roof valley! We replaced all of the Fascia and Barge Boards on this home so it could get ready for its new gutters!

06 Jan


30 Dec


With this home, our crews tore off 3 layers of roofing. Their next step was to install plywood over existing shiplap, then they were to install 36ft of smart vents in various areas for additional air intake. Around the Vents, Chimney and pipes we installed Ice and water shield, and completed this roof by installing a brand new Owens Corning 30 year Oakridge roof system featuring in the color Estate Gray.