12 May


Roofing is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get! You may tear off 1 layer of roofing and find a disaster! Or you could remove 3 layers of roofing and everything underneath is surprisingly perfect!

This home & garage duo features Owens Corning Tru Def Shingles in the remarkable driftwood color! To start this job, we removed 2 layers of roofing on the house, installed 1/2″ CDX Plywood, installed 5 new metal vents, Ice & Water shield and even installed smooth black torchdown on the garage!

We opened this box of goodies not knowing what we were going to get. Surprises unexpectedly occurred, Luckily here at Portland Roofing Company “We’ve Got You Covered!”

22 Mar


This House and Garage duo has a 30 year Owens Corning Oakridge Roof System, featuring the color Estate Gray.
When doing this project our company tore off 1 layer of roofing. After removing the old roofing we replaced the bad wood on the garage with all new CDX Plywood.
We fixed the ventilation system on the roof by installing new vents.
At Portland Roofing to ensure that roof isn’t exposed, we do the roof in segments allowing us to complete this project in 3 days!
Putting your trust into a company to make home improvements can be scary! However, at Portland Roofing Company, we do our best to insure our customers that not only will the job be done correctly, but as if it was our own home!
It’s safe to say, we’ve got you covered!

09 Mar


Most people say the heart of the home is in the kitchen, however, here at Portland Roofing Company LLC, we believe the heart of the home is in the roof!

With this job, our crew tore off 3 layers of roofing. After tear off, they installed all new 1/2″ CDX Plywood over the top of the plank boards. After installation of the plywood we removed the gutters and checked the fascia on the home.

The crew installed new smart vents for air intake. To complete this job we installed all new Owens Corning Oakridge shingles featuring the color estate gray. Leaving the customer in complete “awww” of her new roof!

22 Feb


With this job, not only did our crew remove 1 layer of roofing, they also removed an old Cupala. Upon removal of these items, the foreman found delaminated wood. Our crew replaced all of the delaminated wood with 1/2″ CDX Plywood. Installed Ice and Water shield for the lower sloped area on the roof to protect the roofing membrain. We then proceeded with the job and installed all new smart vents on the front of this home for air intake. Rounding up this job, the crew installed all new Owens corning Tru-Def Duration shingles in Quarry Gray. Leaving us all speechless to how amazing this roof turned out to be!

14 Feb


10 Feb

McDaniel House

For this job, the crew tore off 1 layer of roofing on 600sq ft of the home. Followed by another 3 layers removed off of the remaining 1800sq ft.

After removal of the old roofing, we installed all new plywood on top of skipped sheeting!

Continuing this project, we installed 30 ft of smart vents for air intake. We also replaced and installed all new plumbing pipe jacks.

This beauty was finished after installing all new Owens Corning Oakridge shingles featuring the color Driftwood.

02 Feb


Starting this job, we tore off 1 layer of roofing. Upon doing so we found dry rot and delaminated plywood. We installed new plywood to close existing roof vents and to prep for a new ridge vent system. We also installed 20 smart vents for air intake in various areas of the roof. We then installed 3 rolls of Ice & Water sheild in the lower front area by the chimney and valleys of the roof for extra protection as Ice & Water sheild protects the membrain of the roof! Lastley we installed a brand new Owens Corning Oakridge roof system featuring Onyx Black Shingles! Leaving this customer with satisfying results!

24 Jan

Smith Garage Project

We started this project full sail ahead! Once we got everything torn off, we saw a lot of dry rot and delaminated plywood. We then installed all new half inch osb plywood over existing boards to make a smooth surface. We followed by installing a smooth black torchdown roof system and custom cap metal for parapet walls. Another beast turned into a complete beauty!

18 Jan

Cameron Re-Roof Project

This customer called upon Portland Roofing Company to re-roof his home. Once work was started, we ran into some major issues with dry rot and delaminated wood. It was a disaster in disguise. However, we were able to fix it! By installing all new plywood, replacing the skylights, installing torchdown on his back patio using Owens Corning Oakridge Peppermill Gray shingles, we were able to turn this beast into a beauty!

03 Aug

Job in progress

Our crew tore off half of the roof and removed plywood to inspect the decking. We found no mold on the inside, and the decking looks good from the top.

However, we did find loose plywood, so our crew is going to put new sheeting staples into the plywood to secure it.