18 Jan



This customer called upon Portland Roofing Company to re-roof his home. Once work was started, we ran into some major issues with dry rot and delaminated wood! It was a disaster in disguise. However, we were able to fix it! By installing all new plywood, replacing the skylights, installing torchdown on his back patio and by using Owens Corning Oakridge Peppermill Gray shingles, we were able to turn this beast into a beauty!

03 Aug

Hege job in progress 8-3-20

crew working and tore off half the roof and removed plywood to inspect decking. no mold on inside, and decking looks good from the top.

this customer however, has loose plywood, so crew is going to put new sheeting staples in the plywood to secure it.

13 Jul

Barnes Plywood

After tear off we were able to see that the plywood on this property is still in good shape and we did not need to replace.

29 May

Certainteed Roofing Job

23 Apr


this was the fisher job that we replaced the roof and customer had dry rot at the base of the chimney where water wicked.