26 Aug


This home has an Owens corning 30 year roof system in the color Estate Gray, brightening the color of the home. Our crews also installed metal valleys and new flashing around the chimney.

19 Aug


We Portlandians, like to leave an impression, and well… this roof most definetly did that! This cute South east Portland Tri-plex, has a brand new Owens Corning Oakridge 30 year roof system, featuring the color Onyx Black. With all new plywood installed, Ice and water barrier around the chimney and new chimney, a new skylight, this home came together nicely!

12 Aug


This beautiful house and attached garage, has a brand new Owens Corning 30 year roof system installed on it, featuring the color Sierra Gray. This new roof, also includes new Vents and installation of black metal valley’s.

22 Jul


This beautiful home has an Owens Corning Oakridge 30 year roof system, featuring in the color Sierra Gray. This beautiful new roof brings out the beautiful green on the house and the white trimming.

18 Jul


WOW!!! What a beautiful roof! This home has a 50 year Owens Corning Roof sytem, featured in the designer collection color Aged Copper.

08 Jul


Having a roof over your head creates a sense of security. It is almost like a security blanket for you and your home. Not only does it add to the beauty of your home, having a new roof makes your family feel safe and dry. This home features a brand new 30 year Owens Corning Oakridge roof system in the color Onyx Black. In addition to the new roof, our crew installed all new plywood and three Sun Tunnels. It was a pleasure being able to provide a secure, reliable and beautiful new look for this home.

06 Jun


Your dream roof is our business and here at Portland Roofing Company, We’ve got you covered! We installed a brand new 30 year Owens Corning Oakridge roof on this home, featuring the color Estate Gray. After tearing off 2 layers of previous roofing, the crew installed all new 1/2″ cdx plywood over 21sqft of pre-existing shiplap, to create a smooth flat roof. When prepping for the skylight installation, the crew noticed the framing was rotted. So, they fixed it by replacing the rotted framing with all new 2x4x8’s. After rebuilding the framing we were able to install 2 brand new skylights.

03 Jun


The sky is the limit when you have a roof over your head. At Portland Roofing Company, we’ve got you covered! After the removal of 1 layer of roofing, our crew installed Ice and Water shield around 3 skylights, installed all new lifetime pipe jacks, and installed 7 bath vents to bring venting up to industry standards. The home was completed with the installation of Owens Corning Tru-Def shingles, featured in the color Harbor Blue.

25 May


This home was recently re-roofed with Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles in the color Onyx Black! The crew tore off 1 layer of old roofing and installed the new shingles. They then flashed 1 chimney, and installed lifetime pipe jacks. When weather fails you, Portland Roofing Company has you covered!

12 May


Roofing is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get! You may tear off 1 layer of roofing and find a disaster! Or you could remove 3 layers of roofing and everything underneath is surprisingly perfect!

This home & garage duo features Owens Corning Tru Def Shingles in the remarkable driftwood color! To start this job, we removed 2 layers of roofing on the house, installed 1/2″ CDX Plywood, installed 5 new metal vents, Ice & Water shield and even installed smooth black torchdown on the garage!

We opened this box of goodies not knowing what we were going to get. Surprises unexpectedly occurred, Luckily here at Portland Roofing Company “We’ve Got You Covered!”